Back to College Survival Essentials

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It is the beginning of a new semester. It is time to go back to college. You will go back to the routine of the campus life: attending classes, going to the library, working on some projects for the courses you take, studying for final exams, as well as submitting your assignments, etc. If you want to graduate some on time, there are some things that you need to do concerning your academic life. Here are some tips for you.

Go back to college means go back to academic life. Try to find what courses that interest you and make sure it will be very useful later either for you academic life or profession. Pick a couple of classes that you will take seriously in each semester. Later on in the third and fourth years, you will already know what you are going to do with your master career plan.

Go back to college means appreciating the opportunity of studying in college. Some people do not have the same opportunity to follow their academic interests. This idea will help you to be more focus on studying. So, manage your time wisely. Do not get hooked into parties, video games, students’ organizations activities too much. Do those things like reasonably and focus on your study.

Applying for Higher Education Colleges Tips

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Applying for higher education colleges can be an extremely nerve-racking experience. However, planning ahead in preparing for this will make things a lot easier for you to get through. Here are some points you need to consider.

If you are planning to apply for higher education colleges in the United States, you need to know which one to go. The United States has over 4000 institutions that can grant you any degree you are dreaming of. However, you need to keep it real. Ask your teachers for letters of recommendation at least several weeks ahead. You also have to submit your application before the deadline.

Upon applying for higher education colleges you need to show that you are special and worthy to be accepted. Colleges like students who are academically. If you ever join a non-profit organization let them know. Applying for college online will save plenty of time and is easier for you to do. There are some colleges and universities that share common online applications. So, you can submit the copies of your application to other schools. Do not forget to keep the copies of everything you send to each school. When your things lost you still have the copies with you.

Academic Jobs Interview Tips

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Academic jobs usually require you to plan the curricula, develop materials and present instruction, conduct research and publish it in professional journals. Taking a job interview for an academic job requires you to present your skills and experiences which are compatible with what the institution call for. Here are some tips for you.

Before the interview make sure you know the qualifications required for the position, the location, time and the duration of the interview. Bring your transcript, resume and portfolio. The interviewing rounds will depend on the level of the academic jobs. They are conducted by different members of an interviewing panel. Practicing in front of a mirror or with a friend will be a great idea. You need to comprehensively answer to questions that show your past education experiences and competence.

You need to dress appropriately for the academic jobs interview. Wearing a suit will be a perfect choice for this occasion. Arrive 15 minutes early than the scheduled interview. Greet your interviewer. Describe your experience, skills and personal attributes would worth to the institution. To leave a sharp impression, you can ask a thoughtful question when you are invited to ask. Thank the interviewer at the end of the interview.

Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) Guide

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To apply for US medical schools, the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is required. It is a standardized exam test designed to test students on basic science concepts, problem-solving skills, critical thinking ability, and writing skills. It is consists of four sections, namely, verbal reasoning, physical sciences (physics and general chemistry), writing Sample, and biological sciences (biology and organic chemistry). Considering the difficult process of getting into medical school, good preparation is needed in order to reach your best score in MCAT. Here is how.

Upon preparing for the Medical College Admissions Test, it is best to find study guide books either in bookstores or online. These books consist of sample problems, practice tests, and detailed explanations of each section of the test. You also need to get used to put yourself as if you are taking the real test. This will help you to familiarize with the test and reduce the anxiety of not being able to finish on time.

Memorize any formulas needed for doing the Medical College Admissions Test problems. It should be done manually, using a pencil and scratch paper since the use of calculator is not allowed. Finally, work on your writing skills. Perform your mastery of the English language in giving clear thesis and integrating your ideas.

GMAT Test Prep Tips

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The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required for admission to most U.S., Canadian, and European business school MBA programs. Its test result can also be used for admission to business PhD program. Taking GMAT Test Prep can be quite daunting. Here are the articles for you to help.

Be aware of the type of questions that will come into the GMAT as well as the time limits of each section. That’s what GMAT test prep is for. Knowing the instructions for the test in advance will save your time. However, always read the instructions carefully! The instruction in your study books might somewhat different from the ones in the GMAT Test. Do not waste your time in sticking into one particular question too long. You will miss the questions that can easily be done.

The correct scores for the questions at the beginning will improve your score significantly. Never leave any question unanswered. There is no penalty for wrong answers in GMAT test. Time yourself properly and be sure of your answers. GMAT uses the Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT), so you cannot leave the difficult questions for later or check your answers even if you have extra time. Consequently, while taking GMAT test prep, make sure you familiarize yourself with this method.